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ARCHESOL® is a US-based non-stocking export distributor of best priced US-Made Specialized Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment, AC & Refrigeration Parts, Adhesives & Sealants, Chemicals & Lubricants, Compressors & Accessories, Controls & Sensors, Cooling Towers, Dampers, Degassers, Ducting & Accessories, Electrical & Electronic Connectors, Fans, Blowers & Accessories, Fasteners, Filtration Systems & Accessories, Fire Alarm Fittings & Accessories, Gas Detection Equipment, Heaters, Hydronic Components, Hydronic Pumps, Motors, Copper Pipes & Tubes, Plate Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Tools, Instruments & Hardware, Valves & Accessories and Welding Products to companies located in MEA. Archesol provides conditionally-free ocean-shipping from USA to GCC Sea-Ports.


Effective procurement and material delivery are key success factors for profitable tendering and timely completion of projects. Establishing balanced relationships between project scope, time and cost is dependent on a company’s engineering knowledge of project application, project planning, cost management, acquisition of best-priced material and efficient construction management. Archesol’s online marketplace has deep up to date product information, broad item selection, online RFQ capabilities, best item pricing and supply cost. Material delivery information is dynamically displayed therefore significantly saving on comparative product sourcing and purchasing.


Spend analysis and forecasting, key to successful pricing strategies, positioning, proposals and bidding, require active and timey engagement with multiple suppliers, sub-contractors and logistics companies. They are also fundamental to aligning budgeting, contract compliance and control. Archesol’s online marketplace enables for improved product search productivity, comparative analysis and transparent pricing. Archesol’s integrated supply chain services provide end-to-end cost visibility and direct to customer delivery information.


Archesol understands that customers’ buying behaviors and practices are changing due to market, customer and competitive dynamics requiring progressive methodologies for undertaking real-time product analytics, dynamic pricing comparisons and secure online and mobile purchase transactions. Archesol’s online market place enables for a fully open purchasing process of thousands of HVACR, MEP and Industrial items from 20+ different product categories. Archesol’s online request for quotation (RFQ) and custom sourcing capabilities, supported by professional services of US-based and MEA-based senior engineers, facilitate for more insightful, efficient and productive sourcing and purchasing; 24×7 at and away from the office.


Archesol’s integrated sourcing, procurement, transportation, freight forwarding and direct to customer delivery services significantly minimize disruptive third-party supply chain incidents, reduce logistics risk mitigation and management costs. Archesol’s conditionally free delivery from US product sources to GCC sea ports significantly reduces material acquisition costs and improves customer competitiveness.


Material consolidation is a high priority for customers buying from multiple sources. The primary benefit of material consolidation is process cost reduction. However, item cost reduction and reduced risk exposure are sometimes difficult to achieve with multi-supplier material consolidation. Material consolidation on the other hand, when implemented at the sourcing level, achieves both direct and indirect cost reduction. Archesol actively undertakes implementation of continuous improvement processes for choosing better suppliers. Archesol’s objectives are to save its customers money by reducing sourcing cost, engagement cost, export liabilities, improving purchasing efficiencies and cultivating value-adding procurement relationships.


Archesol’s well developed export compliance administration enables for ease of exporting, importing and expeditious local customs clearance. Archesol develops and maintains export compliance, risk assessment, verification and resolution utilizing best practices, policies and tools. Archesol has solid and up to date familiarity with current export regulations, audits and management of violations. Archesol has working knowledge with ECCN, Schedule B, NLR, EAR, ITAR, Uptime Consignee and USPPI.


With an ever-increasing competitive environment, the need for continuous leverage to improve quality of products and services as well as to reduce cost of product and process to establish and retain a differentiated competitive advantage is paramount.

Archesol integrates the systemized and streamlined procurement system and the effective transactional operations to provide multiple Client benefits such as:

– Elimination of Duplication
– Increasing Efficiency
– Expanding Effectiveness through Scale and Scope
– Reducing Cost

Archesol’s higher value processes and its ability to expand its procurement leverage to differentiated suppliers and into higher growth markets enable customers to competitively expand with maximum agility and lower cost of business expansion.

Archesol’s procurement services can be provisioned as an integral part of an integrated shared services delivery structure that include supplier services, commercial services, employee services, analytical services and advisory.

Archesol’s differentiated procurement value proposition and solutions span, in addition to cost and spend reduction, category expertise, primary local market presence and direct customer knowledge, proven process, cloud-based technology, global sourcing, flexible pricing structure, performance optimization metrics, business, HR, distribution and business advisory.

Archesol’s procurement purchasing outsourcing services include:

 – Procurement Helpdesk
 – Procure to Pay
 – Request to Receipt
 – Master Data Management
 – Contract Services
 – Logistics and Goods Management Supplier Management
 – Strategic Sourcing
 – Spend Analysis
 – Recovery Services
 – Source to Pay
 – Advisory

Detailed SLA’s and SOP’s with defined workflows and KPI’s are designed into the procurement process to deliver efficient and effective services to our Clients.

Tangible benefits expected, in addition to lower product cost, can include:

 – Higher Internal Rate of Returns
 – Reduced Labor Cost
 – Reduced Full Time Equivalents

Intangible benefits expected can include:

 – Leveraging of Strong Governance Control
 – Mature Processes
 – Low Setup Cost
 – Proven Business Consultancy Services


Archesol’s transformative processes creating progressive cooperative relationships between compliance and procurement functions enable customers to reduce supply chain risks and cut costs especially when dealing with multiple products from multiple suppliers having multiple jurisdictions. Archesol’s online product information, technical specifications, item warranty policies, and third-party certifications enable customers who operate in regulated and high-spec application environments to fully meet the documentation requirements of their clients and their consultants. Archesol’s secure online and mobile financial transactions are enabled by a world leading cloud software product (NetSuite) and approved by one of the largest US-based money center banks (Chase). Archesol’s anti-corruption policies, covering employees, suppliers, consultants and sales agents are an extension to policies and directives of customers and suppliers thereby creating a solid trade compliance and ethics link across the supply chain.

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