Customer FAQ

What is Archesol?

Archesol is a US-based on-line non-stocking business to business (B2B) export distributor of US made heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and industrial parts to Middle East and Africa (MEA) customers.

What is Archesol’s B2B value proposition to customers?

Archesol provides a unique, value-adding, product specific (MEP, HVACR and Industrial) buying experience that enables for advanced online product sourcing and purchasing. Archesol has an integrated easy to use hassle-free e-procurement system that is supported by procurement engineers and regional customer support. Archesol provides conditionally-free freight forwarding services from the US to GCC seaports enabling for cost-effective fulfillment of complex products that are difficult to source and time consuming to purchase.

What is Archesol’s competitive advantage versus other distribution channels?

Archesol is about an alternative way of doing business, an alternative way of sourcing/ procurement/ purchasing and an alternative way of communications with customers. Archesol delivers on customers’ expectations for rich product variety, robust online product information, best-priced US-made products, real-time cost visibility, online and mobile secure transactions, expeditious and conditionally-free product delivery from the US to GCC sea-ports, regional customer and technical support. Archesol’s deep understanding of MEA’s B2B markets, MEP, HVACR and Industrial customer needs and applications, enable it to better understand customer concerns, add consultative technical value, establish effective communications, and provide local support.

How does Archesol add value to customers’ new purchasing behaviors and requirements?

Sourcing and purchasing behaviors have been changing. Business and competitive dynamics, advanced technologies, new generational shifts and an expanding consumer comfort with online purchasing are driving the shift away from traditional distribution. These new purchasing behaviors prefer a different distribution service; one that can effectively capture their needs for variety and relevance, high quality, multiple sources, competitive and transparent prices, dynamic analytics, convenient and secure online and mobile financial transactions, integrated and possibly-free shipping and logistics services from the US to GCC seaports.

Why should companies purchase from Archesol?

Procuring from Archesol reduces risks and improves benefits. Archesol enables its customers to undertake fully open real-time sourcing and purchasing. Product, pricing and delivery information is dynamically presented, eliminating suppliers’ confusion and contention. Customers maximize the short and long-term values of online procurement transactions and undertake secure online and mobile product sourcing and purchasing 24/7; at and away from the office. XX Archesol’s transparent and competitive prices and the online technical product information enable contractors to accurately, completely and timely bid on projects of interest thereby improving their chances of project awards. XX Archesol’s MEA based pre-sales and technical support engineers provide high touch technical support to its customers with product comparison and item selection. Archesol’s US-based engineers provide value added professional services like application specific product evaluation and sourcing of customized products. XX Archesol undertakes the seamless acquisition and delivery logistics from the US to regional sea ports and airports. For high volume and value customers Archesol offers conditionally-free ocean shipping from the US to GCC sea ports.

What types of companies are Archesol’s customers?

Archesol’s customers are MEP and HVACR contractors, MRO service providers, distributors and end user companies operating mostly in the discrete and process manufacturing, utility, oil & gas, petrochemical, commercial and residential market segments.

Is Archesol’s product offering diverse?

Archesol’s ever expanding online B2B marketplace, comprised initially of thousands of items covering 20+ product categories, enables low and high volume B2B customers to undertake fully open dynamic sourcing and purchasing from 160+ US product manufacturers.

How does Archesol reduce the procurement cost for its customers?

Archesol improves customer’s sourcing and purchasing productivity by providing rich online product content, like-product comparisons, real-time item and fulfillment cost visibility and the streamlining of the request for quotation, purchase order and payment processes. Furthermore, Archesol reduces customers’ business cost with lower item cost as well as conditionally-free product fulfillment from the US to GCC seaports.

How compelling will Archesol’s value be to customers’ needs for online sourcing and purchasing of more complex technical products?

Archesol’s differentiated value to its customers is the transparent combination and seamless integration of unique capabilities that include the utilization of best-in-class cloud-based e-procurement technology, regional technical support and hands-on procurement engineers that enable for the provisioning of best possible products at best possible prices with possibly free delivery from the US to GCC seaports. Archesol effectively converts complex sourcing of standard and custom technical products, in a complex region, into non-complex purchasing.

Does Archesol carry stock?

Archesol is a non-stocking third party e-commerce marketplace. Archesol invests in state of the art online technology, product sourcing, distribution, logistics and regional technical customer support. Archesol’s pricing markup is lowest in the industry. Archesol’s combination of capabilities position it as the alternative distribution channel for B2B MEP, HVACR and industrial products to Middle East and Africa customers.

What does conditionally-free delivery mean?

Archesol’s business proposition is to provide its customers with value-added hassle-free e-procurement services. The cost of US land transportation, US freight forwarding and ocean shipping from the US to GCC seaports will be absorbed by Archesol as follows: for each single purchase order, from one US manufacturer, from a single location having a purchase order value equal to or greater than one hundred thousand US dollars (100,000.00 USD). Free ocean-delivery from a US supplier facility to GCC sea ports is limited to one 20’ or 40’ container per each 100,000.00 USD purchase order; partial shipping is not supported with this offer. Archesol urges all customers to familiarize themselves with the relevant Terms and Conditions found on

Does Archesol offer financing?

Archesol’s low pricing strategy, high effectiveness, lean organization, functional automation and efficiency and the conditionally-free delivery from the US to GCC sea-ports necessitate minimization of operational expenses and risk exposure. Archesol does not offer financing or extend lines of credits.

What are the approved credit card types for online purchase transactions?

Archesol customers have a rich array of credit card types to choose from. These are: VISA, Master Card, American Express OptBlue, Discover (Settled), Discover Diners, JCB.

What is the maximum credit card sales transaction amount and in which currency?

The maximum credit card sales transaction amount is 50,000.00 USD.

What are the VAT implications on purchases made from Archesol?

Value Added Tax (VAT) refers to chargeable taxes in respect of transactions such as, but not limited to, sales taxes, service taxes and goods taxes. Tax Invoice is an invoice document or similar, produced as evidence of supply, which meets the prescribed requirements under the prevailing VAT laws. At this time, Archesol prices, amounts, fees, charges or other amounts which are payable under the customer purchase contract with Archesol are exclusive of any applicable VAT. Archesol assumes that its customers are businesses that are VAT registered. Archesol customers are therefore responsible to act as importers of record paying relevant VAT and Duty taxes and fees. Refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions found on

Does Archesol provide warranty on products sold on its marketplace?

All products listed on Archesol’s marketplace carry manufacturer warranty. Warranty information is available online per item. Archesol highly recommends that customers view item-specific warranty details and familiarize themselves with Archesol’s relevant terms and conditions found on

Are there any restrictions on use of products purchased from Archesol?

Products purchased from Archesol shall not be resold or used by any entity (person and/ or company and/ or country) that is on the US export restriction list. Products offered purchased from Archesol can only be used in accordance with U.S. Export Administration Regulations and U.S. Customs. Diversion of any product contrary to U.S. Law is prohibited. Customer declares and certifies that it will not use, transfer, export, re-export, resell or otherwise dispose of any items purchased from Applied Archetype Solutions, LLC (Archesol) to any destination, end-user or for any end-use prohibited by the laws of the United States or any other applicable law where such law does not conflict with the laws of the United States; unless such use, transfer, re-export, resale or disposition is specifically authorized by a US government agency with export authority over the items purchased or ordered from Applied Archetype Solutions, LLC (Archesol). Customer confirms that products purchased from Applied Archetype Solutions, LLC (Archesol) will not be used in anything related to nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, missiles or equipment capable of delivering these weapons.

Does Archesol source custom products?

Archesol’s value proposition includes the provisioning of technical engineering services to source custom products from Archesol’s expansive list of US suppliers and from new suppliers as well. Archesol’s procurement engineers frequently source custom as well as equivalent and equal products. Archesol’s online RFQ tools facilitated for effective sourcing and purchasing of custom products.

What are Archesol’s priorities in choosing its suppliers?

Archesol’s choices of suppliers are the financially solid companies that provide best possible products at best possible prices having best possible warranty terms and provide best possible after sales support.

Does Archesol plan to add new suppliers and products?

Archesol’s strategy is to provide relevant products to its customers to cover their construction, retrofit operational and maintenance needs. Therefore Archesol will continuously add suppliers and products that are of interest to its customers.